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Okay, so the other day I had the chance to spend some not-so-quality time in a semi-deserted food court. Yummers. So I'm sitting there, struggling to drink this coffee that's really reheated bitumen, looking at all these empty tables, the stragglers, and just generally waiting for the stupid shopping mall to get going so I get started on some good old retail therapy. (Not that I had any money to buy, but its the thought that counts, right?)

And then it hits.

Wouldn't it be a blast if a) strike team or b) suitably costume-clad vigilante (mmm, yummy) came barreling through the doors into the food court? And through the semi-open shopping mall???? Wouldn't that be so totally **awesome**???? Imagine the acrobatics/fun/awesomeness of that.

Yeah, I know it was kinda-sorta done in a recent Bats flick. But not really. I mean, come on. He did it on a motorbike. I'm talking about sending people through *on foot*, on a footchase, in a mall populated with at least some civilians. With suitable obstacles / throwable-things placed all over the place.

And on that subject, what would be the reactions of the civilians? I think a few possibilities would happen:
1) try to help, aka citizens arrest
2) stand and stare in shock
3) stand and stare (eye candy!!)
4) stand and defend their territory / business

Yeah. I'd *pay* to see that. Actually, I'd happily be paid to write/read it.

So. That's my thought for the day/week. And what does that say about me and the way my brain works?
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