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Wow. Its been so long since I've written anything really *meaty* I feel...rusty.

So. Time to break out of the ol' wineskins...

I've created myself an AO3 account, under the same username as this journal. Time will tell if I post anything to it. :D Or it ends up like a sparse cupboard, like this journal is right now. At the very least, I'm hoping to post there the fics that are too long to post here.

I mean, seriously, whats the point of having a journal when you can only post so much to a cut? And have so many tags to a tag?
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My poppa is actually my grandfather. He and nanna have been living with us -- extended family thing -- for 28 yrs. Kinda feels like I've lost both a parent and a sibling.

One thing I've learned from the whole experience.

what I remember... )

And another thing.

Warning: rant. And I mean, *rant* )

Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood.

In other news, I'm the kind of person who reads epics for fun. I devour 100k+ stories in an afternoon. And I need the distraction. Right now, I'm in DC / Stargate Atlantis / NCIS/LA / WhiteCollar fandoms, but I'll take what I can get right now. Any recs?
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Bewarned. Spoilers abound.

But if you're reading this, and you don't know what's happened of late in DC comics...

Where on earth have you been??

Bats is dead. Long live the Bat.... (And yes, I *am* alive...) )

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...but it pours. Bucketloads. )
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What we all thought was major asthma was actually whooping cough. Whooping cough. Who the heck gets whooping cough in this day and age???

Apparently me.


My doc says the immunizations coverage runs out when you turn 15. And in the hassle of moving from one end of the country to the other at the time, I didn't get the booster. Lucky me. Apparently, I've been running the lottery all these years, and it was just a matter of time, especially since my brother got it last year (freaky, huh?).

So now I've got the "100 day cough" and I'm on antibiotics. Oh well. At least I've time to write, now that I've had to drop a university subject because I was so sick. That's probably the only upside to trying to cough up a lung for three weeks straight before I got diagnosed. :D
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Really hating winter right now.

So far, I've gone through three weeks of migraines, sinus infections, and major asthma. Hospital would've been a pleasant diversion. Yesterday was the first day I started thinking coherently again -- really helps when the brain's getting proper oxygen. :-S Finally.

My doctor is so not happy with me, words don't describe it.

Only thing is, now I'm three weeks behind in all my university subjects. *Freaks* whimper. Somebody stop my muse from poking at me until I have time to listen again.
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I know, I know, its been rather quiet here lately. I'm going to have go around here and clean out the cobwebs or something.

Or something.

Short story: Exams, and I've been sick. Flu season. Joy. I just got through my exams for the first semester, and then got whacked by no less than two flu viruses in a row. Or was it three viruses? I've lost count. Whatever.

In any case, I was just starting to get my brain online again (YAY!), and the next semester starts. Ironically enough, now that I'm snowed under with work, I've started writing again. Figures. So I'll be posting again in the next few days!

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The muse is back!

My brain has been virtually and excruciatingly silent since December. Except for a little burst about March, where I managed to do a little editing, I've had nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero. For someone who's always had words and writing in the forefront of her mind since like...forever...

I can't describe it. Still can't, and I lived it. On the other hand, finally, I have something to talk about. And hopefully write about. But that's probably a bit later down the track, when I get a bit more comfortable.

Frankly, this has been my worst block ever. Not even my old faithful stories have been moving along, or my new ones (and no I'm not saying what they are...yet) which can usually be relied to get at least something out of me (even if its just a word or two). Not even trying to do drabbles has worked. Which says something for the level of desperation, because I rarely dip below say, three pages. Ever. (I think I've only written one 150word story, and that was pretty much a once-off. It came out pretty well, but still. Rare. Like brink-of-extinction-rare.)

But not now.

The voices are mine, they're talking, and yes, they (finally) have plenty to say! I'm just hoping that this time I manage to get something productive down. Or I can type fast enough. Whatever works.


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