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...but it pours. Bucketloads.

I'm looking for shattered mirrors. Not that I'm superstitious or anything.

October last year my mum had three strokes in a row. Luckily they weren't too
serious. She's still walking, but her speech and memory were affected. The
doctors managed to catch them in time. But yeah. Major health scare, considering
she's never smoked, never drinks alcohol, is not in any major risk categories...
But let's just say we kept the doctors busy for a while. Then I had my share of
health problems (the iron problems I told the group about a while go.)

Turns out I'm allergic to wheat. Not coeliac level (thank goodness, because
that's a sure-fire ticket to cancer), but still allergic. Turns out Mum has an
allergy too, and my brother(s) are just now showing signs of it too. So we've
all had a diet change on top of everything. (And its not pleasant finding out.
Think colonoscopy and endoscope -- they call it a "double banger" / "double
whammy" for a reason.) So now I'm totally off wheat/gluten, and the definite
upside I can see is that so far I've lost 10 kgs since January.

***look away boys, sensitive female parts about to be discussed***

However, Mum's still not doing so good. She's had the double whammy too, same
time as I did, and had "complications". Hospital infections. Gut, mainly -- five
weeks in hospital on a drip to get rid of it. And in the process, she got a
kidney stone that didn't want to go away. And to get that out, they operated,
and there was a a uncomfortable spot, shall we say. Anyway, the spot
were the stint was eventually got infected too. And in the meantime of all this,
we've just found out that her ovaries are packing it in. I mean, she's well into
her fifties (and she'll probably kill me (figuratively) if she knows I've told
you guys that), so its probably to be expected, but they *should not* be causing
this amount of pain.

***okay boys, you're safe now***

I mean, its at the point where the pains so high were mum is using painkillers
to sleep at night. And mum is not one for painkillers. (Mainly because she's
allergic to almost all of them, but still.)

Because last week she was out with friends, fell over, and broke her kneecap.
Tore cartilage, ligaments, the works. Also snapped a ligament in her hand, which
she put out to protect herself. Her friends said they could hear the thud of her
fall from quite a fair distance away -- she quite literally went airborne, and
everything she was carrying went with her. The thing is, she did this on Friday.
Came home late afternoon, when the docs were done for the day. Dressed it
herself (got the stuff at home, b/c we take care of mum's parents -- thin skin,
she dresses nanna's injuries a lot). Went and had a tetanus shot on Saturday
(because she'd gouged a hunk of flesh out of her knee which is looking like its
becoming an ulcer now), and walked on it all weekend until she could see her own
doc on Monday. Her exact words were, "Its not as bad as a kidney stone". Which I
suppose its not, but still.

So. Mum's gotta wear a knee brace till May, and we're looking at multiple
operations so far. Hand, knee, innards. So its all hands on deck to help out.

What's ironic is that Dad's had this trip across country to see his parents
planned for *months*. Like since last June. My grandma's getting real old, and
its his yearly trip, and since we can't afford for him *not* to go and to
forfeit all that money... Yeah.

And to top this all off, close friends of the family had to go to England
urgently to see the husband's parents, because his mother's not doing well. (And
England's health system isn't that good, from what they tell me.) And it's
literally the first holiday they've had in like forever. So they had to take
off, using their Frequent Flyer points from their credit card, and they offered
their house to me to house-sit. So I'm house-sitting for five weeks. Meanwhile
my dad's away, and my brothers are helping my mum out until dad gets back. And
only dad can put the brace on properly (have you've seen how high those things
go on the leg??).

Life is fun. :-)

Me, I'm waiting for the next shoe to drop.

On the other hand, being in a house by myself means its *quiet*. And I'm alone
with my muse. So there is that. But I do have my year-long engineering research
project (on future cell phone technology), with a thesis and computer simulation
to write, so I'm still keeping occupied.

Now. If you're still with me after all that...

The upshot of it all, well, is that we could do with some kind thoughts.

And I might actually be posting something in a day or so. (Fancy that.) In the
midst of all the chaos, the quiet time while I'm house-sitting has let me get a
least one chapter finished. So look out for it, please. Not to be shameless, but
I could do with some encouragement.

aka ArtisticAbandon

PS: Yes, I'm changing my penname. Soon. I probably will at FF.Net and other places I post
(aka LJ). Just letting you know. :-) B/c after all this, I really need a
quasi-fresh start.

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."
Leonardo da Vinci.
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