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My poppa is actually my grandfather. He and nanna have been living with us -- extended family thing -- for 28 yrs. Kinda feels like I've lost both a parent and a sibling.

One thing I've learned from the whole experience.

When some one dies, do something practical for the family. What's stuck in my head is the practical things -- like the fact that our friends gathered round and gave us meals for a week. The words are a haze -- I really don't remember who said what.

And another thing.

Telling me "he's in a better place" or some such thing, is about as empty as "I'm sorry for your loss" . Bah, humbug. By the 50th or so time I've heard that, that gets really old. Its about as much good as telling me the sky is blue, for all the good its doing me. Because, goodness gracious me, I know all that about death and what Poppa thought about it -- believe it all myself -- and DO NOT need to be told myself a thousand times over.

Yeah, I'm in that kind of mood.

In other news, I'm the kind of person who reads epics for fun. I devour 100k+ stories in an afternoon. And I need the distraction. Right now, I'm in DC / Stargate Atlantis / NCIS/LA / WhiteCollar fandoms, but I'll take what I can get right now. Any recs?


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